nieuwe internationale designer Júlia Saddi

Please welcome our new designer Júlia Saddi:
Hi there! My name is Julia, I am from Brazil, and I’ve been a paper designer since I was able to hold and cut with scissors!
I considered myself a very blessed being ‘cause I have never been rich or anything similar to it, but the Lord has helped me so much to grow up as a human being, in all senses, that, whenever a good opportunity comes my way, I put as much love and effort as I can so that at the end it turns out being a great new something on my life.
On this sense, when I had to live in Africa with my family during 4 years, throughout my highschool days, besides regular school subjects, I chose studying IB Higher in Arts at the International School of Kenya: Arts History, Oil Painting, Watercolor Painting, Batik
Collage, Clay Pottery, Music and Theater.
Later on, back in Brazil, I got married, attended a Business Bachelor’s Degree and became a Government Worker. From then on, as I was already itching (!) about it, I retook my everyday arts’ activities.
In 2004 I started learning 3D paper techniques and took a refinement course at the Alicia's Atelier in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From 2007 on I started focusing on Scrapbook and I have never stopped and, since then, our office has never been the same:-)
From then on, I have been constantly researching and investing on learning more and more about scrapbook.
In 2008 got the following Certifications: SDU (EK) Basic Course, in Brazil and SDU Advanced Methods, in Chicago. Joined the knowledge and experience in 3D to Scrapbooking and soon became expert in it: 3D with photos and settings.
With great joy, I accepted the invitation to become Scrap Teacher at a local store, as well as member of the Happy Design Team 2009.
At the moment, I juggle among my daughter raising, family, career, community work, teaching …, besides the everyday scrapping hours! And that’s not all!

my layouts:

my blog:
xox Julia Saddi Reffatti

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Evelien zei

Welcome to our DT! Can't wait to see your work.


Ingrid zei

Prachtig werk !!

natacha zei

wauw schitterend werk zeg!!!

Anoniem zei


nice works!!!!